Developing Skin Cancer

Developing skin cancer happens. While UVA and UVB rays make up only a very small portion of the sun’s rays, they are the main cause of the damaging effects of the sun on the skin. Both UVA and UVB rays can damage skin and cause skin cancer. UVB rays are a more potent cause of some skin cancers, but based on what is known today, there are no safe UV rays, although their are positive results from the rays. UV rays damage the DNA of skin cells. Skin cancers begin when this damage affects the DNA of genes that control skin cell growth. We know it normally takes twenty years before a cell begins its metamorphosis to skin cancer after the cell has met the following:

  1. The cell’s DNA is damaged or the cell wall breaks and is exposed to free radicals.
  2. Oxygen can enter the sell causing damage.
  3. Free radicals can also damage the cell’s DNA .
  4. This is almost always starts with UV ray exposure

Once the DNA is damaged the cell will sometimes die as normal. But sometimes the damaged DNA keeps the cell alive and regenerating, causing more cancerous cells. These cells can then enter healthy tissue of other organs which healthy cells cannot do.

I was recently diagnoses with skin cancer after tanning, as if it were my job, for 55 years, either in the direct sun or in a tanning bed.  With blue eyes and blonde hair, my skin is Type II which means I would normally burn before I could tan because a Type II does not produce enough melanin to protect the skin.  The production of melanin is genetic, since we all have the same number of melanocytes from which to produce melanin.

Working in the yard all day is now a chore as I am required to wear full coverage clothing and SPF 50 (which is another story in itself).  Since I have been getting a great color, actually the best ever, for the past five years without getting out in the sun for more than ten or fifteen minutes a day with Melanotan 2 (MTII), I thought I should try extra MTII to make up for the inability to expose my skin to UV rays directly.  It has happened like a miracle.  I have MORE beautiful color than ever.  You really do not have to expose your skin and risk developing skin cancer… MTII does its job!!!.

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