MTII FAQ. On this page we address the most common frequently asked questions.

Q. Are your peptides sold in liquid form or powder form?

A. The peptides are sold in Lyophilized powder form only, as they should be. They are sold in this form out of absolute necessity. Once a peptide is reconstituted, the shelf life LINK shortens considerably. Reconstitution of the peptides is left for the qualified researcher to handle.

Q. I have some technical questions having to do with lab procedure. Can help me?

A. No, we cannot. We are suppliers, We are not lab techs. Please remember, all patrons of this website are expected to be, and have agreed through the checkout process that they are “qualified researchers.”

Q. Are the products sold here manufactured for human or animal use?

A. No, they are not. We cannot stress this point more. They are for laboratory testing purposes only.

Q. My order doesn’t seem to go through. The checkout page keeps re-appearing after I hit the “submit” button to complete the checkout process.

A. Be sure to read the text printed in red that appears across the top of the page when the order is declined. This can give helpful information.

Q. Do you ship your peptides with cold packs?

A. Most of the time we do ship with cold packs but sometimes it is not necessary, and we then ship in insulated bags.

Q. I have sent an email with a question that I have not gotten a response to.

A. Please see the “conditions of use” tab and read the contents thoroughly

Q. It seems like a while and my order hasn’t been delivered yet.

A. Check the delivery status via the USPS emailed tracking number or email us with your order number and our customer service team will find out what the status is and email you back quickly. PLEASE do this only if you don’t have the tracking information.

Q. I tried to make a purchase that did not go through yet my online bank statement shows that funds have been withdrawn.

A. The order that you tried to place may have not gone through, but your credit card has not been charged. However, your financial institution is showing a pending amount on your credit card statement. THIS IS NORMAL This amount will drop off in 2 – 10 days according to the banking credit institution’s policy. PLEASE REMEMBER, it is only a “pending” charge, it will not go through.

Q. Will a sunburn turn into a tan?

A. It’s scientifically impossible for burned skin to turn into a protective tan. That overexposed burned skin is damaged and the only thing you can do is wait for that or those layers of burned skin to slough off. That new skin is tender and needs to be protected by hydration and moisturizers. Afterwards take late afternoon sun in small doses or produce more melanin to protect your skin by tanning it before it burns.

Q. Why do the palms of my hands and soles of my feet never tan?

A. Melanocytes are much less densely populated in the palms and soles, and the ones which are present are embedded deep under thicker layer of skin compared with the rest of the body. Also, there is some evidence that cells in the palms and the soles suppress the growth of melanocytes and decrease their pigmentation. (source)