Sunshine And Vitamin D

Recent news on Sunshine and vitamin D. This past May was the second annual Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month. The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles that help to prevent development of breast cancer through diet, exercise and exposure to sunshine. Fundraisers were also held to raise funds in support of the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation (BCNPF), an organization focused on cancer prevention though healthy lifestyles choices, particularly by correcting the epidemic vitamin D deficiency that exists today.

Hundreds of research studies around the world have supported the conclusion that vitamin D activates the cells’ ability to resist irregular mutations which in turn helps the body fight cancer at the cellular level.  The skin when exposed to sunlight naturally produces vitamin D according to many studies and even the American Cancer Society.  Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and particularly breast cancer. The mission of the BCNPF is to educate healthcare professionals, scientists, and the public about the positive effects of sun exposure and producing vitamin D naturally rather focus so much time and funding trying to find cures.

By spending time in the sun, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet loaded with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains the likelihood of developing cancer decreases exponentially.  While sunshine is important for increasing levels of vitamin D one must not go overboard. UV rays can be very detrimental to the skin when precautions are not taken.  Skin cancers, especially melanoma, are rising at an alarming rate. One should avoid the midday sun when possible. Make sure to use a “broad spectrum” sunscreen that has a SPF of 30 or higher and apply it regularly. Don’t believe the claims of being waterproof.  Also, read up on the chemicals used in the sunscreen as some are known to be toxic and cancer-causing agents.

Do not rely on spray tans or tanning pills to protect your skin. They provide no screening for UV rays. What you may want to consider is a product like Melanotan 2 or MTII. This is a synthetic hormone that acts just like your body’s natural hormones to stimulate the production of melanin.  MTII can boost the production of melanin far beyond what the body is capable of doing. By stimulating the melanocytes, your tan develops at the lowest levels of the dermis providing a natural looking tan that helps to block UV rays naturally. An MTII tan lasts for months and also give your skin a glowing look and feel like you have never experienced. MTII does not prevent skin cancer, but it does allow you to spend more time in the sun giving you the opportunity to produce vitamin D the natural way. Even when you have a dark tan, you should always use sunscreen while outside. Remember prevention is always better than seeking a cure.