How I Fell in Love with Melanotan 2

Why I Love Melanotan 2 and How I Fell in Love with it. In 1923, French style icon, Coco Chanel, “accidentally” developed a tan while on her yacht in France.  She later admitted that she simply stayed in the sun a “tad too long”.  But it was too late, her disclaimer failed to keep the look of tanned skin from catching on like a sunny day,

Almost one hundred years later, tanned skin and that healthy sun kissed glow is more popular than ever.  In fact, most people find that they like a bit of a healthy glow all the time, not just in the peak of swimsuit season.

It’s often perceived that tanning is a technique to hide skin imperfections, dimmish the appearance of cellulite, conceal broken blood vessels, spider veins, varicose veins and wrinkles, and even for quickly and easily making people appear ten pounds thinner.

Love Melanotan 2

But did you know the that the suns deadly rays can cause premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots and in many cases – skin cancer?  Getting a tan from the sun is an option most dermatologists avoid recommending (unless you’re being treated for psoriasis).

Is it really possible to get that gorgeous and natural looking sun kissed appearance without all the suns “harmful rays”? To be frank, I’ve embarrassed myself by using a sunless tanner that left me orange, streaky, stinky and sticky, and swearing that ‘I’d never use a sunless tanner again!’

That’s when I discovered MTII. Melanotan 2 potentially offers a new generation of virtually flawless, essentially natural looking, and streak free tans. Some modern research has recently hypothesized that MTII might be a dramatically improved way to naturally enhance the color of our skin without experiencing too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.  For me, the days of “fake” tanning are over! I achieve the color I want by using our “Maximum Strength MTII“. In short, I love Melanotan 2 and the results I can achieve with it!