Military Applications of Melanotan 2

The Possible Military Applications of Melanotan 2. Since its’ invention there have been observed novel effects of MTII which could, hypothetically, benefit military personal in battlefield scenarios. This article looks at evidence of the effects Melanotan II can have on the body and imagines scenarios where utilizing this peptide could help troops maintain a tactical advantage.

Appetite Suppression

In arenas of conflict, resources often go scarce. In fact, it is increasingly a tactic of the enemy to starve their opponents by restricting access to ports, depots, and even local supermarkets. Under these circumstances it may benefit soldiers to take an appetite suppressing agent and prolong their supply of rations. MTII has allowed some researchers to demonstrate the appetite suppressing qualities of this novel peptide. Perhaps it can aid soldiers in this regard during extended deployments.


In certain arenas of combat, it may benefit applying camouflage which is impervious to humid environments. As difficult as it can be to keep dark grease on your face, trying to aim while it and blood are draining down into your line of sight can be the determining factor of your fate. With Melanotan II it is possible to change the color of skin so that masking greases never have to be applied and are not as easily removed.

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Selective Targeting

Another possible military application of Melanotan 2 is tracking targets of interest, which is a strategy that can be especially resource consuming. Perhaps however there is a cost-effective measure which could strategically identify and allow for tracking targets of high interest.

With conventional drone technology, it may be possible to fashion a device which would enter into HVAC systems and maneuver their way to the offices or apartments of defined targets. There, the drone could surveil enemy movements while slowly releasing an aerosol vapor of Melanotan 2 in such quantity that it would change the occupants skin color within days or weeks.

The unexpected change of skin tone could concern the targets entourage who may elect to transfer the TOI to a nearby hospital where it might be easier to extract or eliminate them.

Is Melanotan 2 Viable for Military Applications?

It’s still too early to determine if MTII can be of benefit for military applications. Future research should consider the potential of these ideas and expand on them. Any added advantage we can afford our soldiers is desperately needed in an age where barbarism and disregard for human life are becoming an increasingly executed tactic of the enemy to spread fear and foster hopelessness in those they oppress.