Conditions of Use


By purchasing from this website you assert that you are at least 18 years of age. All patrons of this website understand and are in agreement of the following:

These chemicals are strictly limited to testing and laboratory research.

That the use of these products is strictly limited to laboratory and scientific research and are not intended for recreational, medical, food additive, animal use, or another use that does not relate to the due course of research.

Patrons of this website also agree to hold its proprietor(s) free from any and all liability supposed, resulting from harm of any kind having to do with the intentional or accidental misuse or inappropriate use of the products sold by this website.

At no time shall employees of this company or agents thereof be expected to give information on any research chemical sold here and how it may relate to use in humans. At no time will a response be granted to any type of communications that expresses interest in gathering information on human ingestion of the products sold on this website.

All patrons of this website definitively understand that Tantra Health and Beauty and/or its parent S-Corp is solely a (licensed and permitted freelance supplier of laboratory research chemicals and does not / will not give out technical information on the research products sold here UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Furthermore, all patrons of this website are assumed to be qualified researchers.

Patrons of this website also understand that deviating from any of the above guidelines constitute a valid cause for denial of future transactions. All patrons are strongly discouraged from deviation of the guidelines due to a strict adhesion (zero tolerance) policy against inappropriate (human) use.

REFUSAL OF SERVICE NOTIFICATION: Patrons of this website understand that any communications alerting to the inappropriate use of the products for sale on this website can/will be answered with a “refusal of service” notification.

These chemicals are not intended to be drugs, medication, or pharmaceutical preparations as defined by the United States Code.