Be Kind To Your Skin!

A layer of your skin is about as thin as an onions’, so be kind to your skin. The life of a layer of dermis is about four to twenty-one days. How you treat the surface layer of the dermis determines the life span. When your skin is exposed to UV rays, either from the sun or tanning beds, you are damaging the surface of your epidermis and shortening its life. Additionally, over exposure to UV rays causes even greater damage, sometimes permanent. Thankfully, your dermis constantly regenerates and replaces the top layers.

The bad news is, the more you expose your skin to UV rays the more the damage causes the top layer to slough off more quickly which takes your tan with it and results in exposing the dermis to UV rays again to maintain your tan. Shaving, exfoliating, drying off briskly with a rough towel, not using quality moisturizers all contribute to the life of your skin. A high-quality moisturizer should be applied within four minutes of bathing and/or shaving. A moisturizer that has not been tested on animals, should be rubbed into, not just on to, your dermis.

Love your skin and nurture it and you will be grateful years down the road. MTII generates more melanin in the lower dermis and rises to the upper layer of the dermis and produces a natural color with no UV damage or drying which reduces sloughing off of skin cells resulting in less damage and glowing dermis.