Preventative Health Maintenance

Preventative Health Maintenance” rolls off the tongue easily.  Twenty years ago, the three words were not used together and now it’s a full-time preoccupation to participate in preventive health maintenance.  The largest vital organ is the SKIN, so what is your preventive effort for taking care of it?  Moisturizers?  The very best is to hydrate your body and stay that way.  Coffee, Sodas and Energy Drinks are dehydrants so don’t count those.  WATER, clean water at room temperature, can’t get any better unless you add your eight drops of Cell Food.  Cell Food is an unbelievable product for creating and maintaining healthy skin.

Cleansing – no need to over cleanse.  Doing so can strip your skin of it natural moisture and disrupt your PH.  Take three soaps to the shower:  One for cleaning and moisturizing the body, one for areas requiring deodorant soap and shampoo for your hair. Remember to rinse well and especially remember to squeeze the remaining hair rinse off your skin.  Pat dry and use your moisturizer within four minutes.  Be careful of your choice in moisturizer ingredients. Simple rules of thumb are if the ingredient list is too small of print to read, too long of a list or the first ingredient listed is water, that is a good indicator that you can find something better. Never allow petroleum or mineral oil on your skin.  Look for ingredients that are referred to as humectants and moisturizers, which draw moisture out of the air and/or hold moisture into your skin such as Shea butter, Urea, Aloe Vera, Buckthorne, Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, Arnica, CoQ10, Jojoba Protein, Squalane, Lanolin and Coconut Oil just to name a few.

You only have three layers of skin: the epidermis or top layer, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The surface of the epidermis is constantly sloughing off depending upon the health of the skin so preventative health maintenance is vital!

Also twenty years ago, we also rarely heard: Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which is another story in itself as most are not safe. Nanocolloidal suntan lotion acts as a transdermal carrier cream to get the lotion deeper in the skin and closer to the receptors of the melanocytes.  Spray tanning is another word we didn’t hear.  It’s beautiful for the first two days after proper application and then you turn into a quasi giraffe for four days as the color sloughs off with the layer of skin along with the spray tan chemical.  The spray chemical reacts with the protein in dead skin ONLY and as that layer of skin starts its sloughing off process, there goes the tan.

Your skin becomes a subject of its own when you start to talk about tanning with any UV exposure.  Blame it on Coco Chanel for getting a lot of healthy looking color from enjoying the great outdoors with tennis and sailing; returning in the fall with an enviable stunning tan that started a revolution.  Of course, since then, nearly everyone who joined the millions who have come to know that they not only look better, healthier, thinner but they also had more self esteem and confidence.  As tanning salons evolved, so did the ability to keep a beautiful tan year round and keep your friends wondering to what exotic location you must have visited to have color in the middle of winter.

Fast Forward.  We want a tan and we want to take care of our skin …what to do to insure Preventative Health Maintenance?  Investigate a product known as MTII.  This product was originally researched at the University of Arizona for skin cancer prevention and it was found that it did cause coloration of the skin. Side effects were increased libido and appetite suppression.  It is now approved for research.  A good site to get honest answers is

As a blue eyed blonde who used to freckle and burn at the sight of the sun, I have a fabulous tan all over and I haven’t been exposed to UV rays for five years now.  I can, however, get in the sun because my body has increased my melanin production, producing a beautiful tan.  Burning Causes cancer – tanning does not.  My skin is protected by its own melanin production and its new found ability to tan.  All I do is apply moisturizer when needed and light sunscreen when out in direct sunlight. A good tan alone will not fully protect the epidermis from damaging UV rays.

I stay tanned year round, but if you choose to stop being tanned at all in the cold months, stop using Tantra MTII and over the next few months the color will fade away slowly and evenly.

Preventative Health Maintenance
This is the results of Tantra MTII