Options Keep Growing

Options keep growing. In particular, BABY BOOMERS are now paying for their fun in the sun. However, the majority of sun-worshipers are aware of what overexposing the skin to UV rays can do and they are trying to do something about that.  

Over exposure is not a set number of minutes that you expose your skin to UV rays, but rather, the amount of UV rays your skin can protect you from. Your skin is on your side and wants to protect you by producing melanin from your melanocytes. Melanin turns brown when it is exposed to UV rays. When your body has produced all the melanin it can and you are still exposing your skin, you will burn.  Burning today can result in a cancer many years from now.

Options Keep Growing
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the ideas of protecting your skin from the sun is a product with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that needs to be applied 30 minutes prior to going out in the sun and then continuously during the time that you are in the sun. Remember to put it on your ears and the part in your scalp; areas usually missed with normal application. Also rub on areas that are not being directly exposed to the sun as the rays can penetrate through your clothing.

Another idea is wearing clothing that was designed to protect your skin from UV rays. These items of clothing come with a UPF rating to describe how much UV radiation gets through the clothing. These apparel pieces are expected to last through 40 washings. Of course, wearing a turtleneck long sleeve shirt and long pants with UPF in the heat of summer is something to think about. And you would still need to cover your hands, face, ears, and scalp with SPF.

Options keep growing and finally, a smarter way…. a research drug that was designed by a major pharmaceutical company for erectile dysfunction and obesity, was discovered to have a positive side effect…it stimulated your melanocytes to produce more melanin than previously genetically possible and allowed the body to tan like never before. Melanotan II is still considered a research drug in the US but is sold over the counter in other countries. You can get your research Melanotan II or MTII to conduct your own research by contacting www.tantrahealthandbeauty.com. You’re going to love it.  I have been loving it for two and a half years and my skin has never looked better, softer, younger and with a tan to write home about.