New Separation Anxiety Study Questions If MTII Peptide Can Help

Can MTII help alleviate separation anxiety? A new study from the UNIVERSITÄT REGENSBURG looks at the evidence by investigating the peptides effects on prairie voles. The results are interesting!

What is a “prairie vole”?

According to AnimalDiversity.Org a prairie vole, or Microtus ochrogaster, harbors these defining characteristics.

Microtus is a greek word for “small ear” and ochrogaster is Greek for “yellow belly”. Prairie voles undergo a two to four year population cycle where populations increase and decrease dramatically in that cycle. (Lesnar, 1997Stalling, 1990)

ADW: Microtus ochrogaster: INFORMATION (

Did MTII help with separation anxiety?

The first study in this research determined that MTII had no effect on the expected behavior of the separated voles, but increased autogrooming was observed.

But the second study observed the physiological and chemical changes that occurred in the voles upon separation. Above all, this research found compelling evidence that there are differences in how the sexes react on a biological level to separation.

What does this MTII research mean?

In conclusion this research suggests that MTII may not be effective at mitigating the effects of partner separation, including anxiety and depression. On the other hand, MTII may be viable for other conditions. These tips may help cope with loss and depression otherwise.