MTII COVID19 – What is China Using to Treat Its’ Patients? UPDATED

MTII for COVID19? Recent news reports are suggesting that China may be using some kind of agent to treat Coronavirus which results in – darker skin.

“WHAT is China using to treat its patients?” What exactly indeed.

Other reports seem to suggest that the skin tone change is a result of hormonal imbalance due to liver damage from the virus itself.

MTII COVID19 Chinese Doctors Dark Skin – UPDATE

It has since been confirmed that the doctors skin reacted to the virus itself, and not Melanotan 2. In fact, two days following this news report a team from France 24 Observers tracked down a video from Dr. Yi Fan. In this new video, the doctors’ skin had mostly returned to its’ normal complexion.

Researchers are studying why Jaundice results from COVID19. In India, doctors have been finding common traits which may alert them to the potential of their patients developing the rare skin reaction after contracting the coronavirus. Still, there are many aspects about COVID19 which we to this day are not very well understood.

Unfortunately, reporters at the Daily Mail found that Dr. Hu fought the Coronavirus for five months before succumbing to the damage the disease had caused to his body.