MTII Effects vs. Sun Tanning

In distinguishing MTII effects from what can be achieved on a blanket in front of the ocean, we look through the feedback produced during research. One common question we’re often asked is, “How long will my tan last?” According to most resources, a suntan will last between seven to ten days before the skin begins to naturally regenerate. A Melanotan II tan, however, will typically last twice as long with some sources reporting the tanning effects lasting almost two months.

MTII Sexual Effects

Sexual Effects of MT2 and Sun Tanning

While it is commonly reported that Melanotan II can result in spontaneous erections, does tanning in the sun also result in this side effect? Though no direct evidence exists there is some speculation about this notion being scientifically valid.

There is one reported case of priapism in a man who used MTII without a doctor’s guidance or recommendation, a case that certainly should be considered. Consequentially, a new drug has recently won FDA approval that is based on Melanotan II but treats Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in women. No evidence could be found that treating HSDD with suntanning has any beneficial effect.

MTII For Suntanning

One effect of Melanotan II is the increased production of melanin resulting in darker skin pigmentation. A particular study was able to demonstrate how afamelanotide, a synthetic peptide in the same class as MTII, applied topically is potentially viable to prevent UV exposure. Still, physician recommended sunscreen should be applied even after establishing a base tan with Melanotan II. 

Which is Best?

Always work with your physician to determine how to best achieve a skin tan. While MTII effects may seem attractive, they may not be feasible for your particular situation. Your doctor may want you to establish a base tan with MTII before spending some time down at the beach. Go slow and always work with your team!