Can Melanotan II Keep You From Drinking Alcohol?

Early research demonstrated that MTII could affect the alcohol intake of rats and mice, but can Melanotan II keep YOU from drinking alcohol? Scientists gave mice MTII, a placebo, or HS014 in one study. HS014 targets Melanocortin 4 receptors while MTII targets all Melanocortin receptors in general, including MC4. The results of this study were intriguing!

MTII Causes Lower Alcohol Intake

The scientists looked at mice who preferred to drink, social drinkers you might say. HS014 caused the rodents to eat more but had no effect on their alcohol intake. MTII, on the other hand, caused the mice to both eat less and abstain from alcohol intake more often.

Alcoholic mice abstain from drinking more often with MTII

Both MTII and HS014 altered opioid levels in the brains of these mice.

MTII Effects Blocked by Agouti-Related Peptide

Agouti-Related Peptide is a reverse Melanocortin agonist, or it causes the opposite effects of MC-receptor antagonists like MTII. Scientists used an analog of this peptide to see if the anti-abuse effects of MTII could be blocked. To their surprise, it worked! Administration of (AgRP)-(83-132) resulted in no effect on alcohol intake after the later administration of Melanotan II.

Can Melanotan II Keep You From Drinking Alcohol?

We couldn’t find any immediately available research to see if MII could keep people from drinking as well as it works for mice, but contact us if you are aware otherwise! We did find one recent paper that demonstrates MTII works synergistically with Naltrexone to improve the effects of the FDA approved anti-abuse treatment. Melanotan II improved the effectiveness of Naltrexone by seven point six percent!

Melanotan II improves Naltrexone's ability to stop mice from drinking alcohol.

We think Melanotan II should further be studied to determine if it can impede alcohol dependence in humans. If the research regarding the effects of Melanotan II on alcohol intake in mice has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible!