Bikers and Skin Damage

skin damage
The results from skin cancer removal.

Bikers suffer serious skin damage, especially to the face. Nothing damages skin like UV rays and wind. UV rays cause serious skin damage via burns and drying of the skin causing wrinkling and even skin cancer. Flying down the road at 60 MPH also causes serious skin damage from the wind and dryness. How many times have you met a serious biker who looks 60 years-old only to find that he/she is much younger. It’s skin damage. Early aging and wrinkles caused by too much sun and wind exposure.

Bikers should always be cautious of UV rays and use plenty of high quality sunscreen when riding. UV ray exposure is the number one cause of skin cancers and the number of cases is growing rapidly according to the American Cancer Society. Fortunately an ounce of prevention can lead to preservation of the skin and greatly lower or even eliminate the possibility of skin cancer. Developing a good base tan with Melanotan 2 (MTII) is also a good first step to avoid skin damage.

Wind damage to the skin can also be prevented by using a high quality sunscreen along with moisturizers. Moisturizers trap water in the skin. Water is the vital to keeping healthy skin and a healthy body. When riding, bikers should always stay hydrated. Wind sucks moisture from the dermis like a sponge sucks up water.

Many bikers being super macho, will read this article and think it’s a bunch of fluff. But when they get older and look fifteen years older than their peers, they’ll think about what they could have done to prevent the early aging and skin damage. This is especially true of the many women who have now joined the ranks of the Harley crowd. So if you ride regularly or participate in any activity that involves UV ray and wind exposure, think twice before you head out with no skin protection.