Sunburn Prevention

sunburn prevention
Too much sun is not a good thing.

It seems every day that another article or blog shows up in the news or online warning about the dangers of sunburns. Sunburn prevention is the number one concern of dermatologists these days as more and more patients are developing skin cancers from UV ray exposure. They will tell you that sunburn prevention should always be one’s first consideration when planning time in the sun. Whether it’s working on the job, gardening, playing golf or tennis or any other outdoor sport, sunburn prevention should the number one priority.

While there are benefits to some sunshine like vitamin D production and energizing certain body functions, the risks of skin cancer are far more detrimental. Sunburns at an early age are the most serious and often lead to skin cancer years down the road. If caught early these cancers can be treated quickly and effectively. If, however, they are not caught in time they can lead to melanomas which can be fatal or cause massive scars from surgeries. According to the American Academy of Dermatology more than 2 million people in the USA are diagnosed with skin cancers each year and the number is rising: probably good news for dermatologists, but very bad news for sun worshipers.

Getting a base tan with Melanotan 2 (MT2) requires very little exposure to the sun. Once a base tan is established the user should always wear sunscreen of SPF 50 when exposed to UV rays. Remember that UV rays from tanning beds can be more intense than those of the sun. Tanners who begin using tanning beds at an early age have a much higher risk of developing melanoma and other types of skin cancers. Sunburn prevention either source is critical to maintaining healthy skin.

So enjoy the sun, but always remember that too much of a good thing can kill you.

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