UV Exposure

UV exposure. It’s interesting about the media right now, especially the Internet media – there is a change in attitude about exposure to UV light.  This should translate into the mainstream media changing attitude in years to come

The other big new is about the use of sunscreen and no research show you reduce your risk of melanoma.  Let’s hope that this type of information increases over the years.

UV exposure is the best source of Vitamin D.  This is a turning point.  But, don’t go overboard and think that if a little is good than a lot must be better.  Moderation is the key whether it is in vitamin D or sun exposure.  The smartest way to prevents sun burn is to keep a constant supply of healthy melanin coming to the surface of the skin to protect the skin from the DAMAGING rays of the sun.

UV exposure
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The research that is being done now with MTII or Melanotan II is proving effective in aiding the skin to produce more melanin than the body is normally capable of making, thereby, providing a form of protection against the sun, giving you the tan of your life and getting your vitamin D at the same time.

Oddly enough, when doing research with Tantra Health and Beauty MTII, we have found that the tan does not just appear where it has been exposed to the suns rays, the tan spreads all over – just like the Vitamin D.

Skin Care Specialist

Melanotan II is a photoprotective product that stimulates an increase in natural melanin production. Melanin is the body’s natural sunscreen, a brown pigment which causes skin to darken instead of going red when exposed to UV rays. Users of Melanotan II develop a gradual, natural looking tan and enjoy a >75% reduced incidence of sunburn compared to non-users. 04/03/10