Skin Sloughing

Skin Sloughing. Regardless of the lotion you use for tanning or the spray you have applied, it will produce results on the top layer of your skin.  The top layer of healthy skin sloughs off every 15 to 21 days.  Unhealthy skin like that which has been overexposed to UV rays, will slough off much faster at a rate of about every four days.  So, your tan can only last as long as your layer of skin stays on.

If you are tanning in pure UVA, the tan develops much deeper and continues to rise to the top allowing you to keep your tan longer.  These beds are known as “High Pressure Beds”…but just because a salon promotes their beds as high pressure does not always mean they are pure UVA. UltraBronz is the only pure UVA bed that I have ever been aware of. 

Beyond Skin Sloughing

Now if you really want the darkest tan, or any color in between, you need to research MTII or Melanotan II maximum strength from Your tan will last for about three months and there is NOTHING else that can get you darker with absolute all natural results.  MTII speeds up your melanin production so you can tan like a Jamaican, and the color develops so deep within the dermis that it takes a LONG time for all the saturated color to rise to the top before it sloughs off.