Melanotan 2 Therapy Clinics

Why are more and more clinics offering MTII, or Melanotan 2, therapy? One reason is because scientific research can be costly to produce. The correct parameters must be met before data can start being collected. Large studies with numerous participants can take years before conclusions can be made. So, what if a physician and their patient both feel that Melanotan 2 could be an option to pursue?

Melanotan 2 Therapies
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Conditions for Melanotan 2 Therapies

The first aspect to consider is how could Melanotan 2 improve a patient’s condition, and what condition is that – or those? Fortunately, there is adequate research about α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone and synthetic analogs including MTII.

  • Rosacea
    • It’s no secret that Rosacea patients are a population that suffers. Recent research suggests that almost half a billion people could harbor the condition currently! There exists however no research which demonstrates that rosacea may be affected by any way with MTII. Be cautious about claims made regarding Melanotan 2 and rosacea as there is no evidence that buying Melanotan can result in healing of the rosacea condition.
  • Erectile Disfunction
    • ED is probably the area of research with the most evidence to support therapeutic use of MTII. There was a recent case report that Melanotan 2 works so well for ED that overdosing caused one patient to end up in the hospital. Ouch! Dosing is important to consider when utilizing Melanotan, and we wonder if there will soon be research which demonstrates if mode of administration curbs heavy dosing. Do injectables result in better dosing compliance compared with inhalation (nasal spray), or does the difference of administration between these two methods result in a lower absorption rate? We’d like to know soon!
  • Photosensitivity Disorder
    • This is an area where Melanotan 2 shines. Clinuvel has developed an injectable device which slowly releases alfamelanotide over 60 days. This product is named Scenesse, and is accompanied by a volume of research showing varying degrees of efficacy of using MTII for photosensitivity disorder. If you go to a clinic, they may use Scenesse instead of Melanotan 2 therapy.
  • Appetite Control

There are many avenues of potential for those who buy MTII, however one should be cautious of claims being made. There is evidence that MTII may be beneficial for those with photosensitivity disorder, but not much evidence that it may benefit those with rosacea. Like always, do your own research and don’t be afraid to ask other people – especially if they are in the scientific or medical field.