Dreams of Beaches in the Spring

Dreams of beaches, it’s that time of year when the desire hits us to head to the coast and get a good suntan on those beaches in the spring. Nearly all lovers of the coast probably have a favorite beach that they have visited, probably more than once. While there are many world renown beaches, there are also many more fabulous locations known to relatively few people. An area that always comes to mind for me when thinking about a lazy day tanning on the beach is Pawleys Island, South Carolina. While it’s not the laid-back family vacation spot that it used to be, it is one of the best beaches on the east coast. Dominated by single family homes, some many years old, it has a charming atmosphere and a wide, white sand beach that attracts sun worshipers from around the world. 

Pawleys Island is surrounded by tidal creeks and marshlands that are breath-taking along with many species of coastal birds. Many of the homes have been passed down through generations of families and have withstood several hurricanes. The beach is never overly crowded, and the season is eight months or more. Depending on the tide the waves can be very calm or good enough for surfing. During the winter one can always share the beach with walkers, joggers, dogs, and flocks of gulls and pelicans. The area also has many dining options from super casual fish houses to fine dining within minutes’ drive.

It won’t be long before I’m headed to Pawleys to fulfil my dreams of beaches in the spring… I’ll get a head start on my tan with MTII for some sunless tanning then have some fun in the sun with a high-quality sunscreen to protect my skin. Maybe I’ll see you there – OR MAYBE YOU HAVE A FAVORITE BEACH, YOU CAN TELL US ABOUT!