Options Keep Growing

Options keep growing. In particular, BABY BOOMERS are now paying for their fun in the sun. However, the majority of sun-worshipers are aware of what overexposing the skin to UV rays can do and they are trying to do something about that.   Over exposure is not a set number of minutes that you expose … Read more

MTII Personal Observations

MTII Personal Observations. You know how your face is the first sign that your MTII is starting to work? Right? And, that your legs are the last as it usually takes two to three vials to get the legs as dark as the face?  After two+ years of conducting research with MTII, I have discovered that … Read more

UV Exposure

UV exposure. It’s interesting about the media right now, especially the Internet media – there is a change in attitude about exposure to UV light.  This should translate into the mainstream media changing attitude in years to come The other big new is about the use of sunscreen and no research show you reduce your … Read more


Image for MTII FAQ

MTII FAQ. On this page we address the most common frequently asked questions. Q. Are your peptides sold in liquid form or powder form? A. The peptides are sold in Lyophilized powder form only, as they should be. They are sold in this form out of absolute necessity. Once a peptide is reconstituted, the shelf … Read more

Buy Melanotan 2, MTII

In this article we look at why people buy Melanotan 2, what MTII is, where to buy MTII, and what its’ history is along with how it is currently being researched. Why Do People Love Melanotan 2? Get the most amazing all-over, even and natural tan you have ever seen! Faster No Mess No Odor Cost Effective … Read more